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“Vanstone proved to be very responsive and detailed orientated. They assisted us in switching PEO companies to an attractive alternative after a thorough vetting process. We were very pleased with the results.”

Expert Solutions, Increased Efficiency, Improved Bottom-Line.

VanStone leverages 30 years of industry experience, a proprietary qualification and comparative process, and a unique service platform to produce significant bottom-line savings and enhance the PEO relationship for all of our clients.

The VanStone Advantage

VanStone Difference

  • Qualification - Our process begins long before engagement with our clients, VanStone qualifies every PEO through a proprietary 100+ point process.

  • In-Depth Analysis - VanStone not only addresses the fundamental needs of our clients in the areas of Payroll, HR, Benefits, and Insurance but leverages over thirty years of experience to address additional concerns in the areas of technology and the entire employee life cycle.

  • The Right Fit - Cost is an important factor but equally important is the service and solution provided. VanStone tailors a complete financial comparative and a unique service comparative highlighting all areas of fulfillment.

  • We Stay Involved - Service is our hallmark. VanStone stays connected from placement to completion. As business climates change, VanStone continues to monitor best practices and increased efficiencies. Our goal is complete client satisfaction for the duration of our partnership.

VanStone Process

  • Needs Assessment - VanStone will analyze every aspect of your Human Capital administrative needs. This process begins with a core assessment including Payroll, Benefits, Risk, Human Resources, and Compliance. Our process continues with an in-depth analysis on the entire employee life cycle and critical technology needs.

  • Identify the Right PEO - Utilizing our proprietary 100+ point qualification process and in depth needs assessment, VanStone will market and align the best possible solution(s). This ensures an increase in service and efficiency while leveraging financial gain.

  • Side by Side Analysis - VanStone provides a best in class financial comparative analyzing all cost considerations. In addition, a unique service comparative is provided to give our clients valuable insight into solution fulfilment and increased efficiency.

  • Solution Review and Placement - Leveraging 30+ years of experience and best practices, all solutions are carefully reviewed for our clients. Our review includes all service agreements and term considerations.

  • Implementation and Service - VanStone assists all clients through the PEO implementation and on-boarding process. Clients are then placed in our fully executable service platform with target deliverable dates.

Why Use a PEO Broker?

  • There are over 700 PEO’s nationwide often making the choice to partner with the right PEO confusing and time consuming.

  • Effective brokers understand the client’s needs, provide due diligence, and recommend the best options available leveraging their expertise and industry experience.

  • Client’s realize considerable administrative savings with a broker due to volume and pre-negotiated rates that benefit the client.

  • The expense of the partnership is paid a 100% by the PEO.

What Is a PEO?

  • A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) provides outsourced services in payroll, human resources, employee benefits, tax compliance, and risk and safety to small and medium-sized businesses.

  • A Co-employment arrangement is established creating shared liability allowing clients to focus on their core competencies and to grow their business.

  • A PEO is a single source vendor offering affordable health and business insurance options under a “pooled” relationship.

Why Use a PEO?

  • Through benefit “pooling” PEO’s create economies of scale in the areas of Employee Benefits and Worker’s Compensation Insurance allowing clients to offer “Fortune 500” style benefits and improve their bottom line.

  • PEO’s alleviate day to day administrative tasks while consolidating and improving efficiency in the employee life cycle.

  • PEO’s manage all federal and state employee-related compliance including payroll taxes, human resource assistance, OSHA, and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

  • Client’s in a PEO relationship grow 9% faster, reduce administrative cost by 21%, and decrease turn-over by 68%.

Interested in lowering your administrative expense by 25% or more? Contact us today for a free confidential consultation!

VanStone Services

One Size Does Not Fit All

There are over 700 Professional Employer Organizations nationwide making finding and selecting the right PEO both time consuming and labor intensive.

Are you already in a PEO? Are you new to PEO? Or Simply wanting to learn more? VanStone will custom fit the right solution for our clients through our proven practice and methodology.

VanStone is the premier nationwide PEO brokerage.

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“Our company decided to use a PEO Brokerage after using PEO services for years. After careful consideration, Van Stone was selected to market our current service. Van Stone proved to be thorough, increasingly responsive, and was able to reduce our overhead expense by 27%. The experience and their service has been incredibly positive.”

VanStone has the Answers

Is my company the right fit for a PEO?

According to a recent study by NAPEO, on average, client’s in a PEO relationship grow 9% faster, reduce administrative cost by 21%, and decrease turn-over by 68%. Partnering with a PEO gives companies the ability to offer “Fortune 500” benefits, reduce business insurance cost, and eliminate day to day administrative tasks.

How does a PEO Relationship work?

Once a contractual relationship is set up the PEO, a Co-employment relationship is set up where the PEO becomes responsible for wages and taxes for companies employees whereas the client is still responsible for the day to day decision making for each employee. In this relationship, economics of scale is created to reduce financial exposure in benefit spend and business insurance for each client through “pooling”. In addition, the PEO assumes shared liability in risk management, human resources, payroll, and tax compliance alleviating day to day administrative tasks for each client.

How do employees benefit from a PEO relationship?

Often, the benefit package is enhanced in a PEO relationship for each employee. Additional benefits can be offered including Dental, Vision, Life, Short Term Disability, Flexible Spending Accounts, and 401(K)’s. In addition, multiple health insurance options can be offered giving the employee flexibility between cost and richness of plan. The communication between the employee and client is also improved as the PEO services the Human Resource component.

Can PEO’s operate in my state?

Yes, PEO’s operate in all 50 states as well as the US commonwealths in some incidences. Each state has licensing and regulation for PEO’s as well as guidance on the responsibility for state unemployment taxes and workers compensation insurance.

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The VanStone Advantage

Leveraging 30 years of industry experience, a proprietary qualification and comparative process, a passion for service coupled with hard dollar savings and you’ll quickly realize why VanStone is the leading PEO Broker nationwide!

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